agriturismo in gallura, stazzo gallurese, la cerra

The STAZZO ” La Cerra ” was purchased in 1981 by my family. I was immediately captivated by this typical Gallurese farm, as well as its aim for self-sufficiency. I have to say that the early years were quite difficult , if we succeeded it was thankfully due to the local farming methods taught to us by our neighbors who have shown us the secrets of this special land so different from Italy .

The “stazzo” was abandoned for several years, with no water or electricity, the house without a roof and most of the fields overgrown with weeds. We worked very hard for the first 20 years restoring the house, reclaiming the fields and the vegetable garden,searching for an underground spring, building the barn and finally we were able to start the typical farm in this area with free range cattle. We have always believed in organic farming .

In 2001, with funding from the European Community for Rural Development we were able to build the holiday farmhouse, a 5 bedrooms building in respect of the local style. In 2009 we added a solar panel system 6.2 KW / h, which gives us self-sufficiency in electricity.

Our restoration and improvement of the natural environment and the rural way of life is very popular with guests, who have the opportunity of spending a few days in complete relaxation surrounded by the silence of nature, but also nourished by a healthy traditional cuisine.