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The traditional “stazzo ” La Cerra is a typical Gallurese farmhouse spread over 75 acres of pasture, woods and granite rocks shaped by wind and water, surrounded by Mediterranean shrubs; a true paradise for lovers of nature. It is 13 km away from Tempio, the main town of Gallura region in north-east Sardinia.

The Pesenti family lives at La Cerra and tend to a herd of wild cattle, a small herd of goats and other farm animals, an organic vegetable garden and a fruit orchard. For the last ten years, the family have hosted visitors from all over the world.

Located in the center of a triangle of land that forms the north-east tip of Sardinia, you could quickly reach a wide variety of interesting places for tourist. Our cool plain, situated opposite Mount Limbara (1300 m), is almost equidistant from the main coastal resorts reachable with a network of local roads seldomly used even in high season.