La Cerra Agriturismo

The history of bouldering in la Cerra

In November 2013 at “La Cerra” something happened : Sardinia Bloc Scouting .
Sponsored by La Sportiva, an Italian company world leader in climbing footwear, and guided by the well known Pietro Dal Pra, 10 of the most recognized athletes of this young discipline of climbing have, so to speak baptized Gallura as a new destination for bouldering .


These are the words of Pietro Dal Pra:
“In a year, the dream was realized. La Sportiva supported me completely, three climbers from Nuoro, Giorgio Soddu, Angelo Marratzu, Simone Masini; who had been very helpful and enthusiastic in cleaning many of the blocks, the owners of the land were happy and hospitable. The group of climbers were exceptional, and guys of different ages and cultures interacted with each other more and more with each passing day. They got to know each other and blended well, Nalle Hukkataival and Anthony Gullstein, apparently men of ice, the newly married Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson ( they obviously spent some time together …), Italians Silvio Reffo, Michele Caminati with the super bouldering guru Marzio Nardi, the funny Fabian Buhl and the bubbly Cody Roth, appearing in Sardinia with trainers and surfboards. The entire group, including photographers, cameramen and the staff of La Sportiva were already united, and continued to improve over time, in a crescendo of enthusiasm for the climb and the new discoveries of blocks.

Despite the adverse condition of the weather, strong winds and heavy rains, we climbed for six days out of nine, almost everywhere (a part from La Maddalena ) in areas were stones had not yet been climbed. In five days we managed to fix about one hundred and fifty lines, between the fifth and 8a + , almost all five star, distributed in four areas , two in Arzachena and two in Tempio Pausania. It seemed to me that all of my fellow travelers, day after day, felt more and more for this land and the enormity of the climb that can be achieved. They were as happy with hatchet and brushes, as they were climbing already cleaned blocks. I loved that everyone felt the pleasure and the responsibility to leave grate tracks and a real possibility of bouldering here in Gallura.

The last few evenings, at dinner, washed down with a good bottle of wine , I felt that some were already planning to come back here in the winter …Some of the reasons that made me believe in this dream were fullfilled … We say good bye, with the little sadness that always accompanies the end of a good experience and with the enthusiasm that we shall meet again here . ”


At La Cerra we are ready to become a foothold for the enthusiasts, La Sportiva will soon publish a guide with all the lines ( a few of them really close to us ) and we have, thanks to Pietro, a half-dozen crash- pads.