The camping site is part of a cork oak forest in a valley sheltered from the wind, in the shade of typically Mediterranean vegetation and surrounded by a territory to be explored. it is perfect for accommodating tents, vans and small campers (up to 6.5 meters in length).


The pitches are served by electricity sockets and a camping-house with shared facilities: 5 bathrooms with shower and a veranda with hammocks where it is possible to enjoy the shade of the oaks and the peace of the woods to read or relax in company .


The passages and pitches have been created avoiding the elimination of trees and limiting earth movements to a minimum.
A solar thermal system supplies the camping-house with hot water.


You can use all the services listed at a cost of €12.50 per day per person with shared bathrooms.
At an additional cost of €10 per day, it is possible to reserve the private bathroom.