A short walk from the apartments and you can try out the traditional cuisine of Gallura. All the dishes, cooked expertly with simplicity, made with the best quality of locally sourced products, form part of a tasty and healthy diet. From the dinner space you can enjoy a wonderful view of the plains. Inside there is a large fireplace for roasting and a typical wood burning oven to complete the hearty and sociable atmosphere.


The menu
Our menu changes every day according with the seasons, but you will always find the typical starters of cured meats and pickles that we prepare traditionally during winter.
Our first courses, all made with fresh dough, may be: Chiusoni (Sardinian dumplings), Fiuritti, Puliljioni (ravioli), Zuppa Gallurese, Pan’a fitti. The meat comes from our livestock.


Our products
As in any Stazzo, at La Cerra the main livestock is the free range cattle. The animals graze freely during the whole year in big fields called “Tanche”, limited by drywall made with granite stones that characterize our landscape.


The pastures are organically grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides or chemicals. Veterinary interventions are rare as well bred cattle have a high resistance to diseases. The kitchen pantry is additionally stocked with a harvest of the fruits and berries from the surrounding forest as well as mushrooms, wild asparagus and myrtle berries used in the preparation of our famous “Mirto” liqueur that we offer as a digestive at the end of the meal.


The garden provides organic vegetables for our side dishes and for the vegetarian menu.
We try our best to satisfy and arrange specific needs, so if you have allergies or diets do not hesitate to let us know in advance: when possible, we are used to adapt our menu to vegetarian and gluten free options.

On request and on the basis of the daily flow of guests, we also offer the option to with a pic nic simple and healthy menu.

Prices: 35 euros per menu