Bouldering and Climbing

Bouldering at La Cerra

La Cerra is a bouldering paradise and a destination for many young passionate climbers. There are 9 sectors, all expanding, with 100+ blocks within easy walking distance of the rooms or campground. The closest sectors have a 10-minute approach, the furthest ones 30 minutes.
Crash pads are available for renting at a low price. Furthermore, to fully enjoy the numerous possibilities and the many new boulders, the recent guidebook Bouldering La Cerra is now available. It includes the result of the wonderful work of Iva and Felix and the contribution of many other climbers who have opened boulders, traced routes and collected material over the years. You can buy the guide here at La Cerra or online.

No need to travel with your crashpads!

Rent your pads here and get your bouldering guidebooks directly on site.


The history of bouldering in la Cerra begins in 2013, with the experience organized by Pietro dal Prà of La Sportiva team, called Sardinia Bloc Scouting. Sponsored by La Sportiva and led by the great Pietro Dal Prà, ten of the most popular bouldering athletes have baptized Gallura as a new bouldering destination.

This event was just the beginning of exploring and cleaning ever new blocks and sectors that were discovered over time. Among the many climbers who have stayed here after 2013, it is worth mentioning Edan Cunningham, one of the youngest and most determined boulderers who contributed significantly to the discovery and cleaning up of entire new sectors.

But let’s live again that magic moment throught Pietro’s words:

“In one year the dream came true. La Sportiva supported me in everything. The help of three local climbers, Giorgio Soddu, Angelo Marratzu,  and Simone Masini, was foundamental for finding and cleaning the boulders. Even the owners of the lands were happy to help. The group of climbers was exceptional:  atlethes of different ages and cultures built a unique bond day by day. Nalle Hukkataival and Anthony Gullstein, only apparently men of ice, the newly married couple, Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson, the Italian Silvio Reffo, Michele Caminati and the great bouldering guru Marzio Nardi, the very funny Fabian Buhl and the sparkling Cody Roth. Plus photographers, cameramen, and La Sportiva staff. The human atmosphere of the whole group was sensational since the beginning, and it only got better with time, in a crescendo of enthusiasm for climbing and discovering new boulders with crazy shapes everyday. Despite the uncertain weather, with strong winds and downpours, we managed to climb six days out of nine. We climbed in rocky areas where nobody has ever climbed yet (apart from La Maddalena island). In five days, about 150 lines were climbed and graded between fifth and eighth+. The boulders are spread in four different sectors: two around Arzachena and two around Tempio Pausania. It seems to me that every member, day after day, felt more and more connected to this land and to the dimension of climbing that can be experienced here. They got thrilled not only when they climbed an already clean block, but even when they had to do some axes-and-brushes job. I loved that everyone felt the pleasure and responsibility to leave a good mark and a real possibility of bouldering here in Gallura. One the last dinners, after some glasses of good wine, I heard from someone of the team that they were already planning to come back here this winter… and that's how all the efforts and motivations that brought me here were fullfilled. We bid farewell, with that touch of melancholy that accompanies the end of all beautiful experiences, but also with an enthusiasm that feels like a "see you here, again”.
Pietro Dal Prà

Climbing the top of M. Pulchiana

Climbers from all around the world come to la Cerra not only for bouldering, but also to reach the top of Monte Pulchiana, the largest granite monolith in Europe, which together with Sarra di lu Tassu stands behinde our farm. Around Monte Pulchiana area there are indeed several rope climbing and trad routes, with stunning cracks, slabs and overhangs. Among those, the legendary bolted route of Pochaontas is one of the most popular lines, composed by four pitches and very appreciated for its aesthetics. Recently another stunning route was rebolted by the famous climber Maurizio Oviglia. It’s name is “Arcu de Chelu” (rainbow in Sardinian Language), for a total of 6 pitches.

For those who don’t like the rope, the spacious and welcoming summit of Pulchiana, with its breathtaking panorama that on clear days allows you to see as far as the sea, can also be reached by foot. 

If you are keen into spending more days of your holidays rope-climbing, we strongly suggest you to visit Monte Tuvu, only 20 minutes by car from La Cerra. This granite crag offers more than 30 routes with a spectacular view over Capo Testa and the North-coast.